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‘Pure myth’ – Leader of major political party shatters incredible Gary Neville claims

Labour party leader Sir Keir Starmer has denied reports suggesting football pundit and Manchester United icon Gary Neville is poised to join his party.

Neville, who is one of the game’s most respected pundits, is a stauch Labour supporter. As such, he’s reportedly being tipped for a move into politics after claiming recently he would ‘tear Prime Minister Boris Johnson to shreds’ in a debate.

Si Keir appeared as a guest on LBC Radio on Monday morning to discuss his plans for the Labour party going forward. An presenter Nick Ferrari put it to the leader of the opposition about the possibility of Neville joining up.

However, claims that Neville could ditch the football gantry for the Houses of Parliament have been quickly shot to flames.

“Look, that discussion is pure myth,” said Sir Keir. “I talked to Gary, he’s a very influential sports commentator.

“He’s really fantastic and he hits the nail on the head so many times so I’ve got great respect for him.

“Gary’s doing a brilliant job as he is. There hasn’t been a discussion with him or me about policy. I think he’s brilliant – he’s got an ability to just nail a point.

“I remember with the suggested breakaway Super League he spoke for pretty well every football fan spontaneously in response to that absolutely on the money.”

Neville was highly critical of Premier League sides following their breakaway plans for the European Super League. And the pundit was a major reason in seeing the plans shelved after some venomous criticism.

“Honestly, enough is enough,” Neville said. “I’m fuming with it and I get more fuming the more the days go on.

“In the midst of a pandemic, the proposals that should have been coming forward should have been about the correction of the game and sustainability.

“This proposal could be the tipping point. These people are faceless. They’re the quiet power and it’s dangerous.”

Neville is also reportedly regarded as a future Mayor of Greater Manchester and a prospective successor to Andy Burnham.

He is a staunch Labour follower though having urged others to support them ahead of 2019 General Election.

Neville’s amusing Boris Johnson rant

Neville has also not held back in his criticisms of PM Boris Johnson.

Neville said just last month: “He is a bit of a spaghetti Bolognese of a man. He looks scruffy, each of his sentences and speeches are almost like a strand of spaghetti. You have no idea where it starts, and you certainly have no idea where they end.

“And yet he is popular. If you look at a menu, and you have a waiter or a waitress over your shoulder asking you to make a choice and you have to make a panicky decision, you end up going for your spaghetti Bolognese.

“We need a better alternative to the spaghetti Bolognese.”

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