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Topps release 2020-2021 Bundesliga Celebration Collection

We all love trading cards, right? So you’ll probably be as excited as we are about the new Topps Bundesliga 2020-21 Season Celebration NFT Collection.

This is the first ever Bundesliga NFT trading card release by Topps and features rising stars, memorable moments and more from the unforgettable 2020-21 season, which saw Bayern Munich claim their 30th league title.

The collection includes video highlight and animated motion effect cards, iconic Bundesliga card artwork, facsimile signatures, and other types of premium NFT content.

The Bundesliga Collection by Topps is available now in Standard and Premium digital card packs, with card rarities ranging from Common to Legendary.

Each pack type will be available for purchase until sold out, with 50,000 standard packs and 25,000 premium packs available.

The standard packs cost $10 and contain five collectibles with one Rare-Epic collectible per pack guaranteed. The rarity odds in the standard packs are as follows: Common (72.60%), Uncommon (4.40%), Rare (20.40%), Super Rare (2.20%), Epic (0.20%).

The premium packs cost $85 and contain 35 collectibles with one Super Rare (or better) collectible per pack guaranteed. The rarity odds in the premium packs are as follows: Common (41.86%), Uncommon (30.57%), Rare (16.93%), Super Rare (9.57%), Epic (1.04%), Legendary (0.03%).

“Each season of the Bundesliga, there are moments and players that take our collective breath away, worthy of preservation and admiration,” said Bundesliga International CEO Robert Klein.

“We are proud to support our partner Topps in bringing the best of the Bundesliga 2020-2021 season to life as NFT digital trading cards for the first time, allowing fans to relive top plays and own NFTs with their favourite moments from a legendary season that saw Bayern Munich earn their fifth star.” 

The Bundesliga Season Celebration is the latest NFT release in the Topps NFT portfolio. Topps Digital Sports & Entertainment has pioneered digital collectibles through its mobile apps since 2012 and is among the first to fully embrace the potential of NFT digital collectibles.

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