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Everton midfielder James Rodríguez addresses the national strike violence occurring in Colombia

Colombia is currently experiencing a difficult time regarding the national strike resulting in violence throughout the country. Various athletes, musicians, and celebrities are using social media to express their views on the matter.

One athlete’s voice carries plenty of weight in the country, and that’s Everton FC’s, James Rodríguez. After a few days of watching violence consume Colombia, the 29-year-old took to social media and provided his thoughts on the matter.

The first thing that the Everton midfielder touched on is the violence. Witnessing unarmed citizens killed by those abusing their power is one of the first topics that Rodríguez spoke about in his post.

“Enough abuses, it cannot happen that someone with a weapon takes advantage of another person who has no way of defending himself, or that a person deliberately goes out and ends up with the city or with companies or businesses that are the source of thousands of Colombians. I am not interested in getting into political speeches. I only ask the leaders of all currents to stop abuses of all kinds. We are killing ourselves,” Rodríguez said.

Rodríguez then spoke about using the power to vote and electing officials to guide Colombia in the right direction.

“It is time to unite but to move forward, which is done by acting honestly every day of our lives. Choosing the politicians well, not by dismissal or because they tell us what to do. Voting is the time to take responsibility. Enough of wanting to take advantage of every moment and use violence to impose yourself,” Rodríguez said.

Finally, Rodríguez touched on the online abuse and threats to family members that the Everton midfielder is receiving from those pressuring him to be a political voice.

“They have mistreated me on social networks because I do not say what many want. They have threatened my family and me. I am astonished because the same people who ask for justice are vulgar, intimidate, and flee,” Rodríguez said.

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