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Nuri Sahin explains why Klopp is adored, despite getting kicked out of training

Former Liverpool midfielder Nuri Sahin has revealed the day Jurgen Klopp kicked him out of training, but says he loves the German coach and has explained just why Klopp is loved by his players.

Sahin, who spent a brief period on loan at Anfield in 2012, remains a firm fan of Klopp, despite falling foul on him in his early days. The pair were together at Borussia Dortmund when Sahin made the mistake of arguing with a team-mate in training. Klopp took decisive action and ejected Sahin from the session, an action which the 32-year-old midfielder though was the end for him with the Bundesliga club.

In an exclusive interview with Goal, Sahin said: “It was either 2009 or 2010. I was playing for Borussia Dortmund and the coach threw me out of training. He told me to leave, because I had an argument with another player.

“I was young and I thought I knew everything. I was sure I was in the right, 100 per cent, but he told me to go, so I went.

“So, the next day I came in and I thought ‘OK, maybe it’s the end for me here’, you know? I thought he would put me out of the squad or whatever. But he came in and it was like nothing had happened.

“It was a moment for me to realise that I would have him on my side even when I was in the wrong. It’s powerful when you realise that about your coach.”

Sahin, a former Turkey international, is a big fan. In fact he said: “I think people are maybe bored of me talking about him!

“But he had such a big influence on me, as he does on all his players.

“Ask any of the guys at Dortmund, at Mainz, at Liverpool now, they’ll tell you the same.”

Asked what makes the Liverpool coach so special, he said: “There is no doubt about his coaching, he is very good. But what I love most about him is that he’s human. He touches you on a human level.

“If he asks you ‘how are you?’, it’s not just for the sake of asking. He asks with his heart. And if you have a problem, he is there to solve it. He has time. He cares.

“He can be hard at times, for sure, but the next day you come in and you know there is nothing left between you two guys.

“This is what I loved about him and what I learned about him. If you want to be a good coach for a long, long time, you have to be a good person also, because the players feel it.

“You can’t lie, and Jurgen doesn’t lie. He is who he is, and this is one factor in why he has been so successful.”

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Sahin called back by Dortmund

Sahin explains that he loved his short time with Liverpool. He lasted only only four months and a dozen appearances before deciding to cut short a season-long loan due to a lack of game time.

“I loved every minute,” said Sahin. “It was such a well-organised club with great people. I’m still in touch with many of them. They helped me and my family like I’d never seen before. They made sure we settled in, that we felt good.

“The only problem was that Dortmund called me and said ‘come back if you want’, and at this moment I think everyone can understand that I wasn’t getting the minutes I wanted at Liverpool.

“Dortmund asked me, and I saw the potential for a good season there. That’s why I rejoined, to be back with my team, my friends and my family. That was my only reason.

“Really, I fell in love with Liverpool, with the fans, the stadium, with Melwood. Melwood was the place I felt at home. It was built to feel like home. It was so nice. But I hope everyone can understand, at the time Dortmund was a better place for me.”

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