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‘You’ll be booed off the pitch’ – These Man United fans viciously react to star’s passionate message on supporters returning to Old Trafford

Some Manchester United fans have aimed vicious comments towards midfielder Scott McTominay after the academy graduate’s passionate message amid the return of supporters to Old Trafford.

Simon Stone of the BBC shared some comments from the 24-year-old as top-flight sides are allowed to welcome back their fans for the final two matches of the Premier League campaign.

McTominay poured out with a passionate ‘get the fans back in’, before stating that the team are ‘desperate’ to feel the ‘adrenaline’ that comes with having supporters back in stadiums.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side will host their faithful at Old Trafford for the first time since before the Covid-19 suspended football, over a year ago, with tomorrow’s clash against relegated Fulham.

Humble McTominay has not been met with the same classy energy from some of his own club’s supporters unfortunately, with many believing the midfielder will ‘booed off the pitch’ when fans return.

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Scott McTominay: “Get the fans back in, we are desperate for the adrenalin of having people in the stadiums.”

— Simon Stone (@sistoney67) May 16, 2021

Here is how some of the so-called United faithful reacted to McTominay’s comments:

You’ll be booed off the pitch

— Somatic (@Goatba6) May 16, 2021

Why is he always talking? Scott really thinks he’s a good footballer..

— Nicole (@Nicole69631406) May 16, 2021

Careful for what you ask for…l am sure with a packed Old Trafford you would have been booed off the pitch on more than one occasion this season

— Loucas Andreou (@LoucasAndreou2) May 16, 2021

He will soon change his mind as the fans will certainly show their feelings towards his performances lately

— lee taylor (@taylorlee1989) May 16, 2021

It’s a shame he’s not got talent to back up his passion he needs a loan move to a mid table premier league club

— Callum (@CallumWill_02) May 16, 2021

Rather here it from a proper footballer

— josh? (@UTD__josh01) May 16, 2021

They will boo you alot

— Run rem liana (@liana_rem) May 16, 2021

Lol first u start playing well as a professional player then we will talk abt the fans

— UnitedStand (@UnitedStand10) May 16, 2021

Nobody is supporting you

— . (@PoisonousPogba) May 16, 2021

Garbage footballer

— Matthew ?? (@zassinho11) May 16, 2021

Scott must not be allowed to play for Utd anymore, that guy is a horrible fellow, can’t even do a simple thing right, how Ole starts him every game is a joke

— Joel Ugute (@JoelUgute) May 16, 2021

He must like the sound of being booed at??

— MOJOMAN (@goal4best) May 16, 2021

No, he just isn’t good enough. It’s nothing about being a “kid”’or understanding football. Would he get in any of the other top 5 teams midfield? No! That’s the answer. He’s not good enough.

— Pip Tomlinson (@pipalextom) May 16, 2021

The Red Devils are coming off of two embarrassing defeats, one to Leicester with a heavily rotated side and a 4-2 hammering at the hands of heated rivals Liverpool.

McTominay struggled against the Reds but he certainly doesn’t deserve the kind of abuse that’s shown above, you’d think that someone who came through the club’s ranks would be shown more respect.

It’s especially not nice to see these kinds of comments towards McTominay after a couple of underwhelming displays considering the midfielder’s key impact in other big games since he emerged.

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